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Auto Motor Sport / Technik Profi

Klassiker mit Zukunft

In der Ausgabe 6 / 2018 von Technik Profi von Auto Motor Sport erschien ein Artikel über Blei-Säure-Batterien und deren neueste Technik. Darunter auch die Elektrolyt-Durchmischung IQP-2 von iQ Power Licensing in den MIXTECH-Batterien.


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Hannover Messe

Die Batteriefertigung setzt auf Digitalisierung und Recycling

Die iQ Power Licensing AG arbeitet an der Batteriefabrik der Zukunft: Eine Kombination von digitalisierter Prozessoptimierung und Inhouse-Recycling soll Kosten senken und die Produktivität erhöhen.

Auf der diesjährigen Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) in Mainz stellte die iQ Power Licensing AG aus der Schweiz als Entwickler und Vermarkter von Starterbatterien für den automobilen Bereich das Konzept einer modernen, Industrie-4.0-tauglichen Batteriefabrik vor. Diese ist vollständig rechnergesteuert und setzt auf Technologien zur Produktionsautomatisierung sowie vernetzte Maschinenkommunikation.


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Battery & Energy Storage Technology - BESTmag No.58

Shaken not stirred

The advent of the stop-start technology for fuel saving in automobiles has created a headache for the lead-acid battery industry. Micro-hybrid cycling at partial state of charge produces serious acid stratification in a very short time period leading to major failure rates in conventional flooded batteries.

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Energy Storage Publishing

Canada lead-acid firm expands in South Korea

Vancouver-based lead-acid battery firm Discover is launching an SLI lead-acid manufacturing plant in South Korea, backed by Canadian export financing.

Discover, which was awarded $15 million from Export Development Canada (EDC), told BBB the financing supported the firm’s acquisition of an existing battery plant site in South Korea.

The company said expanding production internationally would also allow it to introduce its patented ‘Mixtech’ technology— which “uses the vehicle’s natural movement to continuously mix the electrolyte inside the battery to eliminate acid stratification”.

Discover did not give details about the overall cost of the project, or the plant it has bought, but sales and marketing director Lee Adams told BBB production in South Korea would include products for the automotive market, in addition to RVs, marine and dual purpose.

Adams said Discover expected to see SLI production at the site initially rise “threefold to three million units per year”.


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Canadian Manufacturing

EDC provides US$15M to Vancouver battery firm for Korean expansion

Discover Energy Corp. is getting significant financing from Export Development Canada to acquire a manufacturing facility in South Korea.


OTTAWA — Export Development Canada announced August 23 that it is providing US$15 million in financing to Discover Energy Corp. to acquire a manufacturing facility in South Korea to expand its operations internationally.

Vancouver-based Discover develops and distributes battery products for transportation, motive, energy storage and distributed power applications.

The financing will be used to acquire and expand an existing battery manufacturing plant, as well as for working capital support.

“The acquisition enables Discover to continue to expand its portfolio and introduce what we feel is the most significant improvement in performance, reliability, and life in starting, lighting and ignition batteries in 50 years,”

“This capital gives us additional resources to expand strategically and competitively into new markets, innovate rapidly and deliver our vision,” said Darwin Sauer, president of Discover.


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Batteries International

Anti-Stratification technology for flooded batteries goes on sale in Europe

German battery technology company iQ Power Licensing says battery products with its 360° passive mixing technology for flooded batteries went on sale in Europe for the first time in July after being introduced to the US market and some other countries previously.

The anti-stratification technology, which has — as well as others — been licensed to Canadian firm Discover Battery, who build the device into their ‘Mixtech’ branded car batteries which are manufactured in South Korea, is a plastic mixing device that combats the problem of acid stratification in batteries that leads to early corrosion and battery performance loss. Using the device more than doubles the life cycle of a flooded battery.


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