We grant licenses to partners worldwide.


iQ Power Licensing is a pioneer in Anti-Stratification Electrolyte Mixing for automotive batteries. Patent protection in all major markets and countries of the world ensures our pioneering technology, which we license to battery manufacturers worldwide.

Such as Discover Battery of Canada.




Become a license partner. And gain clear advantages in competition.


Become a license partner and use our technology for a clear competitive advantage in the market. Extend your company's portfolio with new premium products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. For the OEM market as well as the replacement market.

Our experienced experts accompany you in implementing our technology: from validation to optimization and serial production.



Become a commercial partner.
And offer your customers products with outstanding benefits.


Your company is a trading house and you are interested in distributing and selling vehicle batteries with pioneering electrolyte mixing? Then please contact us. We bring you together with excellent licensees and manufacturers of our technology.